Advanced Technology

Means the Highest Quality Dental Care for You

Lowry Dental believes our patients deserve the highest quality of care. We use advanced materials, technologies, and methods. High quality work lasts longer and more expensive treatments can be avoided later, thus saving our patients money in the long run. Our staff is excited to offer and utilize the latest in technology and would love to show and tell you all about it.

Electric Hand Pieces

Electric hand pieces compared to older air-powered hand pieces are quieter, vibrate less, and are more precise. Veneers, crowns, and most restorations require accuracy to the fraction of a millimeter and this is best accomplished using an electric hand piece.

Digital X-rays

Radiographs allow us to see things we are not able to see with our own eyes, including bone levels around teeth and cavities in between teeth. We are able to diagnosis lesions around the roots of teeth, cysts, tumors, and the amount of damage due to trauma.

Our doctors are careful and only request a radiograph when needed. We follow many guidelines to help us make decisions. Radiographs are crucial to help diagnose, treat, and maintain oral health. Radiation from radiographs is cumulative over your lifetime.

We do feel it is important to minimize the amount of radiation you receive in the dental office. We have chosen to use digital radiographs compared to standard film based radiographs because digital radiographs are about half the amount of exposure. The quality is also enhanced digitally using software and can be stored in patients’ files.

Intra-oral cameras

The intra-oral camera allows us to take close-up pictures of teeth. These pictures can be shown on our monitors. Patients are better educated when they can see the exact condition of their teeth.

Computer Software

Lowry Dental is making efforts to save paper and be more efficient. We have been using a software program for years for our patient charting. We constantly make efforts to reduce the amount of paper we are using. We are now offering most of our forms (link to forms) online and have a digital signing pad. Please ask us about our latest updates.


We take many pictures of our patients. We take pictures of smiles, teeth, lesions, and many other interesting things. We feel a picture is worth a hundred words and they are easy to save in a patient’s file. We use digital cameras with flash.


Loupes are magnifying glasses the doctors use to see up close. Since our work is done in a sensitive area, we need to make sure we see what we are doing. Loupes allow the doctors to see more details and be more accurate.


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