Teeth Whitening / Bleaching

Offers More Brilliant Results than Over-the-Counter Products

We all get older, and as that occurs, our teeth become darker due to all the things we put into our mouths that stain them. Sometimes our teeth are stained because of drugs (particularly by antibiotics) or are dark as a result of a traumatic event which may have caused a tooth to die. Most of these situations can be remedied by some tooth whitening procedures. Some discolorations will lighten rapidly and others may take months until the desired result is achieved.

Over the counter products and other retail type whitening techniques will work but usually take a longer time and are not as controlled as those we use in our office.

Our dental professionals are able to use more potent products and deliver them in a way that all teeth can be lightened more effectively. We have found the most effective method to accomplish this is by utilizing custom fitting trays supplied with the maximally tolerated concentration of the whitening agent. Our staff will train you and monitor your results for as long as you wish. We also offer in office procedures using very high concentrations of the whitening gel along with gum masking and Sapphire lights to give you a jump start. This in office treatment will be more effective with an in home custom fitting tray routine following the treatment.

Whitening using custom fitting trays and our special whitening product will not only achieve better and faster results but it is more cost effective in the long run.


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