Thank you for the 5 star reviews!

  • "Considering it had been many years since my last cleaning or exam, I was very pleasantly surprised at the support and great services I received and the team worked hard to ease my anxiety. I was appreciative that I did not receive any criticism or negative comments due to my oral neglect. The hygienist did a great job cleaning my teeth and was pleasant to talk to and work with."
    Michelle Prince
  • "Great Dentist and great Staff. I don't know how they do it, but everyone there is pleasant and so very helpful! They even remember you when you come in next time!"
    Lorie Spear
  • "Our entire family goes to Lowry Dental. We have seen all of the doctor Lowrys in this wonderful family practice. Dr. Ben took an afterhours appointment to help our daughter with a painful tooth. She has always been afraid of dentists, but he put her at ease and fixed the tooth. Dr Ben even did a follow up call with her just to make certain she was doing well. Doctors and staff at Lowry Dental are kind, gentle, knowledgeable and very professional. I never hesitate in recommending Lowry Dental. They take excellent care of our family's dental needs and make us feel like we are the most important patients they have."
    Rebecca Palacios
  • "I am writing this before even seeing my dentist. The staff from reception to the assistants are personable, professional and create a great experience. The view from my seat is a calming scene of our own, Boise foothills, that really makes me love this town. I felt warm and invited, like I was in a cozy bed and breakfast. I was a friend and guest, in a greatful family's home.

    It was small little gestures that gave me hope and reassurance in humanity's kindness.

    Special shout out to Laura and Dr. Ben who really made a simple dentist visit turn into an experience.

    Dr. Ben educated me and spoke to me as if I were a peer. He explained everything in a manner that told me where I was with my dental health and gave me expectations for the future.

    Laura held real conversations that were pleasant and memorable. The office decor was modern yet maintained a warm inviting feeling. I was blown away with the tech and how it was used to present information..."
  • "I had to have extensive work done, and I am very glad I went here. It was a very long process, which was just completed a couple months ago. I am very happy with the outcome. During this process, I really had to trust Dr. Ben. Going to the dentist is not fun for anyone, but when you can trust them, it makes it much easier. It was all quite expensive, but they found ways to make it all affordable. My son is seen here as well and he is never afraid of going. I highly recommend them!"
    Jeanette Brooks
  • "I have been a patient of Lowry Dental for 30+ years. The service is always the best topped with care. It goes beyond that however. They get to know you as a person and where your comfort area is. Then they proceed in that manner to best serve you. And then there is the part where they go above and beyond which was this visit. One of my caps fell out on a Friday afternoon. Dr. Lowry and one of the assistants stayed a few minutes later so that they could glue it on. When I suggested earlier that I could try and hold out until Monday his response was "No way am I going to not help with Mother's Day this Sunday. You don't need to have that going on." How can you beat this!? There is a very good reason I have been going there for 30+ years, yes there is."
    Marie Diane Hickox
  • "This review has been way overdue and a long time in coming. At the end of 2015, I experienced a problem with my molar in that it cracked in several places. Of course this happened on New Year's Eve and required another dental firm (not Lowry Dental) to temporarily repair the damage until I got in a few days later whereby the tooth and its roots had to be removed from my mouth. Unfortunately due to events that occurred which I won't get into on this forum, that led to oral surgery which took some time to heal.

    Through a friend of mine who works at Lowry Dental I was able to schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Ben Lowry who was able to recommend a bridge to replace the area vacated by the extracted molar. This led to an additional discussion which not only included the bridge but also a full cosmetic procedure that included veneers on all of my upper teeth. I am happy to report that I found my smile again!

    Thank you, Dr. Ben and everyone at Lowry Dental..."
    Elisha Jahnke


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