Veneers: Are They Right for You?

The choice of whether or not to get dental veneers can be a difficult one. It's a decision worth spending some time to do research. Dental veneers should only be considered for those suffering significant dental problems. A veneer is just that, a covering, not a fix for a pre-existing condition. If there's an underlying problem that can be treated in another way, it's probably best to explore those options first. Here are some things to consider while ruminating over your choices.
What are Veneers?
Porcelain veneers are made from thin pieces of medical ceramic. They are adhered to the front of the teeth and typically provide a remarkable visual improvement to the client's smile. Each set of veneers are custom made for each person. These procedures are usually considered cosmetic in nature, though the teeth's functionality are not compromised, and in some cases, may be improved in the process.

Cost Considerations
Veneers can be expensive, there's no denying that. Are they worth the money? There's no easy yes or no answer to this question, but you can start by clearly assessing your current dental issues. Make an appointment to speak with your dentist about all of your options. When making the appointment, make it clear that you want a few minutes of time to really cover treatment options with him or her. Most reputable dentists are happy to make sure their patients clearly understand their choices.
If your problem is fixable through other treatments, veneers may not be the best answer. Stained teeth, for example, may be best treated with whitening agents. A major consideration is the commitment. Once you have veneers put on, there's no going back. Your dentist will have to remove a lot of your tooth enamel during the procedure to install the veneer. Enamel cannot be regrown, this procedure is not reverseable. Also, veneers are not permanent. They will have to be replaced about once every decade. That could be a recurring cost of few thousand dollars every several years. Many cosmetic dentist offices will be able to offer some kind of financing plan to help cover these costs.

The Benefits of Veneers
Even with the costs, there are many reasons why veneers might be the right choice for you. Veneers, unlike tooth enamel, do not change color over time, meaning your smile will stay white and gleaming for the life of the veneer. Veneers can cover almost any kind of dental imperfection. They are stain and scratch resistant and look exactly like natural teeth. In just a few days, with veneers, you can look like a whole new person!

Are Veneers Right for You?
If you have significant aesthetic and/or structural issues with your teeth or are embarrassed by your smile, then, yes, veneers may be the best thing for you. Consult with your dentist, do your homework, and make the choice that seems best to put life back in your smile again.

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