Picking a New Dentist After a Move

When you move to a new city, there are plenty of headache-inducing adjustments you'll have to make to your life. Getting your things moved, setting up utilities, enrolling your kids in new schools; the tasks just keep piling up. One thing that doesn't have to cause you distress after a move is finding a new dentist.

There are plenty of tricks to help make the search for a new dentist an easy one. One simple step you can take is to go to your state's Board of Dentistry website to find out more information about dentists in your area. For instance, residents of Idaho can go to the Idaho State Board of Dentistry website and look through a database of practicing dentists throughout the state. A simple licensee search of active dentists with a general dentist license to see an alphabetical list of candidates. From there, you can see the names of dentists, locations of their practices, how long they've been licensed and whether or not they've ever faced disciplinary action.

After you've compiled a short list of dentists that are nearby and qualified enough to meet your needs, take some time to research them a little further. You can start by asking friends or co-workers what they know about the dentists on your short list. How are their reputations? Are they affordably priced? How do they treat their customers? If those confidants don't know anything about the list of dentists you've compiled, ask who they use for dental services and why they choose to remain a customer.

For more details, it may be helpful to do an internet search of the practices you're most comfortable considering. Check service-rating websites to see what others are saying about these dentists, and look at the individual website of each practice to help judge things like overall professionalism, the range services provided and hours of operation.

Once you've narrowed down your choices to a reasonable level, the next step is to make contact with your top candidates. Call their offices or, if you have the time, make in-person visits so you can get a feeling for how each practice operates. With any luck, these steps will help separate one dentist from the pack and give you a sense of comfort in your final decision.

The most important thing is that you find the dentist that is right for you. While the initial inclination might be to take the first recommendation offered, in reality you'll be best-served by doing your homework and ensuring that you don't rush into the wrong situation. Good luck with the search for your next dentist!

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