Jessica Simpson, BRUSH YOUR TEETH!

Most people would hesitate to air their dirty laundry ... or dirty teeth ... in public. Jessica Simpson, however, feels differently. The singer confided (in front of millions) to Ellen DeGeneres that she only brushes around three times every week. When added to the fact that she told Jay Leno that she regularly chews Nicorette gum purely for the energy surge, it adds up to a very disturbing portrait of her dental health.

Simpson says that she has an aversion to slippery-feeling teeth, and therefore ditches regular brushing in favor of mouthwash and flossing. She also feels that her teeth need a bit of "coating" to feel comfortable, so she uses items like shirts to wipe her teeth clean in lieu of actual brushing. Simpson acknowledges that "it's gross," but mentions that she always has great breath, so she's happy with the results of her unusual dental care routine.

The problem with that is that the American Dental Association strongly recommends brushing two times a day, and those recommendations are followed by virtually all of the developed world. Miss Simpson may be feeling quite differently about her dental care routine in a couple of decades when she is completely toothless. In fact, there are several grave results that could occur due to poor brushing habits like Simpson's. These include:

  • Tooth Loss: Plaque and bacteria should be removed via brushing twice every day (but even once per day beats the heck out of Jessica's routine). Without that removal, bone loss will start to occur around the teeth. This becomes more pronounced as time goes on, eventually leading to the loss of teeth.
  • Gum Disease: The gums can be breeding grounds for bacteria. By ignoring basic brushing rules, the gums are subjected to far more bacteria than they can withstand. Gum disease can inflame, irritate and eventually wear away the gums.
  • Bad Breath: While Jessica Simpson may think her breath is minty fresh, the reality is that a person is unable to truly smell their own breath. Brushing is absolutely essential to having good breath. Without brushing, the harmful bacteria that leads to bad breath will quickly invade the mouth and make breath noxious.

As the ambassador for Operation Smile, Simpson won't be able to flash her pearly whites much longer if she doesn't alter her oral care habits dramatically. Having healthy teeth can be simple: Brush twice a day for two minutes each time. Be sure to floss daily and try to keep sugary foods at a minimum. Speak with your dentist to make sure you are following the best oral care rules, and be sure to share this article with your friends so that they can avoid the same disastrous mistakes that Jessica Simpson is making right now.

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