Keep your teeth clean in between brushing

When you pay close attention to your oral health, you can do more than simply brush your teeth after meals and floss twice a day. Your mouth and teeth need the right nutrients in order to stay healthy, and the proper hydration throughout the day. If you have healthy eating habits, you can keep your teeth clean between brushings. While you should stay away from sugary, sticky foods and drinks, you should also add in foods like crunchy raw vegetables to maintain your oral health. What you put in to your body has a big impact on how you feel, look, and maintain your smile.

Adding Crunchy Raw Vegetables to Your Diet

Your teeth and gums need vitamins and minerals to stay in good shape. What is also important, is keeping harmful plaque and bacteria off of your teeth throughout they day. When you eat crunchy, raw vegetables, you are cleaning your teeth naturally. The raw vegetables act as a mild abrasive, removing any built up plaque in your mouth. Raw vegetables act much like a toothbrush, and are a great substitute when you aren't in a place where you can brush your teeth. In addition, the Vitamin C you receive helps keep your gums healthy, the minerals strengthens your teeth, and the Vitamin A you consume helps prevent your mouth from becoming too dry.

Drink Plenty of Water

You know that drinking sugar laden drinks ruin your teeth, and that water is good for you. Drinking plenty of water goes further than hydrating your body. When you drink water, you are flushing toxins from your mouth. You will give your mouth the hydration it needs to handle any harmful bacteria. If you suffer from a dry mouth, this can lead to problems with your gums and teeth. The right hydration helps keep your gums healthy, allowing them to heal from any potential damage.

When you want to take care of your teeth, proper nutrition, flossing and brushing make a big difference. It's also important to see your dentist at least twice a year for routine cleanings, or when you are experiencing bleeding gums or tooth pain.

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