We Accept Most Forms of Dental Insurance!

We will try to help you get the most possible benefit form your insurance plan.

We do accept most major insurance plans, but please call to find out if we accept your plan.

Did you know Dental benefits have not indexed for inflation in 30-40 years. Meaning, dental plans have an annual maximum that averages about $1,500-2,000 for the entire year unless you can find a plan that offers extended coverage for a higher premium. Insurance companies don’t base their benefit on your need but only on their contractual obligation. So it’s important to remember: do not allow your health to be jeopardized by what the plan will or will not pay. You must decide what is in your best interest and choose accordingly, even if it means paying out of pocket. The best dental care is sometimes more expensive, but we will help you explore other financial options if needed.

If you do have dental insurance, make sure you are utilizing the benefits you have every year. Benefits don’t roll over into the next year if they are not used! You pay for your dental insurance all year so that you can benefit from what your plan has to offer. So be sure to use what you’ve been paying for before you lose it. Like cleanings for example: Traditional dental insurances cover two cleanings per year.


Let us know what days/times work best for you and we will reach out promptly with available openings. If calling after hours, please leave a detailed message.

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