• Are Your Teeth Making You Sick? Top 3 Ways To Know
    Just because you see a dentist for oral health and a physician for physical health does not mean the two systems are not inter-connected. Yet most people do not understand Read more
  • Bristle Me This: Best Bristle for My Teeth and Gums
    For most of us, apart from the colorful bristles and handle designs, all toothbrushes look the same. But what we often don’t realize is the bristle’s value to dental hygiene. Read more
  • 5 Biting Reasons Implants are Superior to Bridge Work
    If you’re an adult with a tooth that must be extracted, you’ve probably heard about these two tooth replacement solutions: dental implants and bridgework. At Boise’s Lowry Dental, we believe Read more
  • Are You Brushing Your Teeth All Wrong?
    Whatever your tooth brushing habits were as a kid you probably just continued on, despite recommendations you may have received from your dentist. But that layer of grit you feel when Read more
  • The Pros and Cons of Chewing Gum
    Millions of people around the world constantly chew gum, consuming about 500,000 tons every year.   Habitual gum chewers rely on gum for aesthetics, stress relief, fresh breath, or all of the above Read more
  • The Link Between Oral Health And Stress
    Stress commonly plays a role sometime during the day for everyone. But did you know stress can actually affect your oral health? For many people stress is a part of each Read more
  • How Rich is Your Family's Tooth Fairy?
    Tips for parents when determining the going rate for teeth from the Tooth Fairy. What’s the value of a lost tooth at your house – and have you ever forked over Read more
  • What You Need to Know About Dental Insurance
    Millions of Americans don't have access to a dental plan, approximately 36% of the population according to the National Association of Dental Plans (NADP.) Of the 64% that has dental Read more
  • Improved Technology, Better Dentistry
    People are usually not thrilled about going to the dentist. But for those who have been avoiding getting the dental care they urgently need, this advanced technology can make a huge difference in Read more
  • Dentures and Dementia: Memory Loss & Dental Health
    Unfortunately, people who suffer from any of dementia's cruel disorders struggle with relationships, memory loss, and the execution of many daily tasks. In many cases, the first daily tasks affected Read more
  • Being Afraid of the Dentist is a Worry of the Past
    From a young age, many people learn about the common fear of dentists, and often develop the fear themselves. But, in reality, there is no longer any reason for patients to Read more
  • The Truth About Flossing: Why It Absolutely Still Matters
    For years, you have heard your dentist tell you “you need to floss and brush twice a day.” Last summer, you may have found out that a study questions whether Read more
  • Teeth Whitening Methods for Cosmetic Dentistry
    People with stained teeth can relate to the pain of feeling like the person in front of them is staring at their teeth the entire time. Some people are born Read more
  • Why a Dental Implant?
    When people think about treatment options for various dental conditions, the dental implant often gets overlooked. Some patients might fear the idea of having a false tooth permanently placed. Other Read more
  • How to Encourage Children to Floss
    Anyone who has spent any time as a parent or a babysitter understands that getting kids to brush their teeth is hard. They won't sit still, make a mess of Read more
  • Are your gums trying to tell you something?
    Plaque on the teeth is unsightly as well as dangerous to your oral health and can wreak havoc in other areas of your body’s system. A dentist might be the Read more

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