• 5 Things You Need to Know Before Getting Braces
    You will likely be told you need braces at an annual checkup with your dentist.  You may be referred to an orthodontist as their primary focus is the preventing and Read more
  • Why are wisdom teeth removed?
    Wisdom teeth, or third molars, are the last of the teeth to erupt. They emerge from the gum line of individuals as late as 17 to 25 years of age. Read more
  • Dental procedures during pregnancy: What you need to know
    It's important to take good care of your oral health, even when routine dental care is not recommended while you are pregnant. When it is necessary to get emergency dental Read more
  • What happens when the dentist gives you a filling?
    Just about everyone will have a tooth filled at some point. Yet most people have no idea of what is actually going on inside of their mouth while the tooth Read more
  • Veneers: Are They Right for You?
    The choice of whether or not to get dental veneers can be a difficult one. It's a decision worth spending some time to do research. Dental veneers should only be Read more
  • What Is A Root Canal?
    A root canal describes both the anatomy of a tooth and a procedure the dentist uses to treat its inner soft pulp when the latter becomes inflamed or infected. The Read more
  • The Truth about Fluoride
    Your dentist may recommend a fluoride treatment for your children during their regular preventative appointment. Many parents wonder why fluoride is necessary and whether there are any risks involved in Read more
  • 4 Home Remedies for a Toothache
    Anyone who has experienced a sudden toothache knows how debilitating the pain can be. A severe toothache can be caused by a variety of conditions including gum disease, tooth decay Read more
  • 3D Dental Image
    Viewing an object in three dimensions provides a vastly different picture than a two dimensional view. This is especially true with dental x rays. Technology has been advancing rapidly over Read more
  • Best way to replace a missing tooth...implant.
    These devices provide a great option for missing teeth. Not too long ago the only practical way to replace a missing tooth was with a removable appliance or a fixed Read more
  • Antibiotics Before Dental Procedures
    We live at a wonderful time in history. Medical advances allow us to live longer lives. We can be much more comfortable and more mobile because of the marvelous appliances Read more
  • Toothbrush Buzz
    We seem to be into Pickles these days, but Brian Crane in a recent cartoon gives some great advice on tooth brushing. In the cartoon Opal is telling her grandson Read more
  • Acute Gingivitis
    The other day in the “Pickles” cartoon Opal was telling Earl how cute their grandson, Nelson, was. Earl responded that he was called cute when he was younger also. In Read more

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